Now charge your electric car while moving at 100kph

A Scalextric-style stretch of road capable of charging cars  while they drive at speed up to 100kph(62mph) has been created in France in a breakthrough that could make electric vehicles much more popular.
while range anxiety has diminished as a problem for electric vehicles with some models now achieving distances of about 480 kilometres (300 miles) on a single charge, it still then takes time to recharge the battery. So the ability to charge a car  while it was moving be a significant step.
In a statement  , Qualcomm Technologies said it had 'designed and built a wire -less system capable of charging an electric car while it was moving would be a significant step.
Two vehicles were able to use the 100-metre track to top up their batteries at the same time and it worked in both directions. Steve Pazol  , vice president and general manager of wireless charging at Qualcomm Incorporated, said, " We are inventors... this dynamic charging demonstration is embodiment of this."
"I am immensely proud of what we have achieved. The combination of a global team of expert engineers and Qualcomm Halo technology.. has enabled us to really push the boundaries of possible and outline our vision for future urban mobility." The track itself was built at Satory near Versailles by Vedecom institute, as part of  ap programme of by the French government

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