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Now charge your electric car while moving at 100kph

A Scalextric-style stretch of road capable of charging cars  while they drive at speed up to 100kph(62mph) has been created in France in a breakthrough that could make electric vehicles much more popular.
while range anxiety has diminished as a problem for electric vehicles with some models now achieving distances of about 480 kilometres (300 miles) on a single charge, it still then takes time to recharge the battery. So the ability to charge a car  while it was moving be a significant step.
In a statement  , Qualcomm Technologies said it had 'designed and built a wire -less system capable of charging an electric car while it was moving would be a significant step.
Two vehicles were able to use the 100-metre track to top up their batteries at the same time and it worked in both directions. Steve Pazol  , vice president and general manager of wireless charging at Qualcomm Incorporated, said, " We are inventors... this dynamic charging demonstration is embodiment of this."